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Goals and Cross-roads...
I am at an impasse. I have so many goals that I have set for myself and I can't decide their order of importance. Also, thrown in the mix, are other things that I hadn't seen coming. I need a full-time job. I'm so grateful to have my current job, as it has allowed me to complete a few full semesters of school. Unfortunately/Fortunately I am now in need of a new place to live. I've missed having my own place for Taylor and I. I'm looking forward to the feeling of security when I get to do it all on my own again. I feel like I am, once again, looking down into the precipice. I hate not knowing how things will turn out... Ah, life.

What I am sure about:
1: I have amazing friends who have always been there for me. I'm overwhelmed by their outpouring of love and support.
2: Taylor is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm so excited for the coming year.
3: My heart is still bruised, but healing fast. I never realized how resilient I have become. I have my days of complete self-doubt, but in general feel that I can handle what life throws at me.
4: I HAVE to stay in school. It surprises me just how much I love school. I've got a 3.95 GPA, which is...well...I can't even describe.
5: I need to play more shows and try to get paid for them.
6: People will always let me down, but not everyone is a complete ass.
7: I "like" a boy. I don't know what that means and I'm okay with that. It's really nice to have no expectations.
8: I need to stop worrying so much.
9: I'm an eternal optimist, and I like it!
10: I want a job that I can be proud of. Cognitive Neural-Pathologist? Music Teacher? Interpreter for the Deaf? TV Host for the Travel Channel? Who knows!?!? Someone tell me.
11 I'm hungry.

I know these posts are silly, but they help me remember moments of clarity.


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