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Best moment of the day...
Today, I realized that everything is going to be alright. I also remembered why I LOVE children so much.

A man walked up to our cafe. Everyone stared as he got in line. He looked at the floor and waited his turn to order. We were pretty backed up, so it was taking a while. I could see people looking at him and whispering, "Wow, that's pretty bad.", "I can't believe how gross that looks." He was burned, it seemed to be most of his body and his entire face. A little girl, not much older than 4, waiting with her mother in the other line for drinks, stared quixotically at him. Her mom was oblivious. She finally walked over to him, and I strained to hear her little voice over the frap machines.
She said, "What happen to your face?"
Everyone stopped and listened, still continuing to murmur. Her mother tried to pull her daughter away, but he stopped her and explained that it was okay for her to ask.
He replied, "I was in a bad accident and I was burned."
"From a fiyah?"
"Yes, from a fire."
"Did it huwrt?"
"Yes, it hurt a lot."
"Does it huwrt now?"
"Aww, I'm so sowy!"
She then proceeded to give him a hug and patted his head gently.
Once the line died down, I had to take a break. That was one of the sweetest moments I've ever witnessed in my life.

I love the honesty and pure love that children express. This experience made my whole day.

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Thats soooo sweet. Me and Philip are tearing up right now! Thanks so much for sharing that. :)

Of course. We need more happy stories.

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