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Today I sat on my mothers couch and watched as she slowly crumpled and started quietly crying to herself...
She received an announcement in the mail of her friend of 34 years passing away.
She quietly read and wept until she had finished, then passed the 5 page eulogy to me.
As I began reading, I realized the magnitude of just how special this person was. He fought in the Vietnam war, was married to his sweetheart for 38 years, he was a scholar and an author. In his, yet to be published, book he writes of an observation he had while working:

"...A rock fence neatly stacked ages ago surrounds Whispering Pine. It was rocky terrain up on the crest. Some markers are merely native rocks jutting out of the ground, limestone edifices - some places there are groupings of four and others are sprinkled about the more modern carved stones. These stones are the only testament left to someone's life. No name or date tells of their identity or span, just a rock buried up-ended in the ground.
As I pass another grave I realize it's a husband who died in his twenties. It has been two decades now and the flowers don't come as often. To some stones no flowers arrive anymore at all. The only thing left is the small subtle vibration the person has left in the universe, that ripple of the kind acts they have done spread and still affects others without their even knowing the source. These people live on in these ripples that undulate on remaining generations, from the people they helped, to the kindnesses they kindled..."

I am grateful for my mom and the people that have created these ripples in her life and in mine.

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Awww give your mom a big hug for me! It sounds like he was a really awesome man! Please let me know if his book ever becomes published because I would like to read it and become of this ripple that he has inspired.

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