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I love overcast days...
I miss evergreens and breathing in fresh, crisp air. I miss walking down the hill to the farmers market, eating fresh berries and vegetables while perusing the local artisans wares . I miss the laid-back atmosphere of Olympia and people that smile at you when you walk by. I miss looking out the window of my apartment and seeing sailboats in the sound. I especially miss the salmon run that starts in the sound and ends in the shallows after the tumultuous climb up Tumwater Falls. It was so cool to watch Taylor watch the seals waiting at the start of the run, and laugh and laugh. I miss supermarkets with 85% organic products. I miss driving into Portland for a show and taking the ferry to Seattle for, well, anything! I love my friends here, but I REALLY miss the Northwest. Anyone care to join my caravan??

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That sounds SOOOO NICE! And makes me sad that all I've ever known is Florida. I want out! Take me with you!

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